Neal Adams Virtual Comic Con

A Neal Adams Virtual Comic Con

Neal Adams Virtual Comic Con

Joel AdamsSo here it is.. I (Joel) am home for the holidays and sitting around the house with my dad, Neal Adams, who is working on finishing his “Coming of the Supermen” Miniseries for DC Comics (#ThisIsYourSuperman), but he has run out of Conventions to go to until January’s Albuquerque Comic Con. I am sorting through the boxes of blank variant comics I have accumulated over the last year.. Tons of them.. My intention was to eventually draw on them myself, but they gave me an idea.  I can’t get Neal to a convention that isn’t there.. but maybe I can get Neal’s fans to Neal at a convention that isn’t really there…

Now I’ve have just confused myself…

My idea: I am with Neal for the next two weeks working along side him.. Through the website and Facebook/Twitter, I can field questions and comments to Neal and get responses from him. I can take orders for commissions and maybe offer some things you can only get at Neal’s booth at conventions.  There is even a possibility that if fans want something ordered, if they came in early enough, we can make a Christmas delivery… Though I can’t promise anything the way FedEx and the USPS is running this season.

For starters, and since this was intended to be a commission website:


I cannot post prices here, but what I can do is if you tell me what it is you are looking for.. I can ask Neal.. “Hey you… How much for this?”, and get back to you with Neal’s best price.. One might even ask “Well, what can I get for…”, and I can get back with an answer.. I would ask that for commission requests and purchases, please use the Contact page and I will get back to you as fast as I can. For Comments and Questions, please use the comments area below, I will comment back from Neal.

What can Neal do for you? Just about anything.. Sketch covers, commissions, a print with a remarque, a cover recreation, a painting…  paint a mural on the side of your building… okay… maybe not that… but I am sure he would give you a number for that.

Now you ask.. “How do I get a sketch cover to you?”,” I am looking for something specific like a Deadpool?”, or “Hey, can I my face, or my kids face on a Superman or Wolverine?” .. Remember what I said I have a lot of blanks.. Well.. I have A LOT of blanks..

BlanksBatman Detective #20
Batman Detective #44
Batman ’66
Batman/Superman #1
Batman Zero Year #29
Batgirl #38
Dark Knight 3 Book #1
Green Lantern 13 Rise of the 3rd Army
Harley Quinn #0
Harley Quinn #1
Harley Quinn Valentines Day Special #1
Justice Leage of America #11
Justice League #16
Justice League United #0
Justice League of America #7 Trinity War
Superman Action Comics  #18
Superman Unchained #6
Superman #32
Swamp Thing #14
Teen Titans #8
Wonder Woman #19
Uncanny Avengers #001
The Uncanny Avengers #001 (2015)
A-Force #1
Avengers #7
Avengers Assemble
Avengers #1
Avengers World #1
Deadpool #1
Deadpool #1 (2015)
Electra #001
Fearless Defenders #1
FF #1
Guardians of the Galaxy #1
Hulk #50
Incredible Hulk #1
Incredible Hulks #635
Indestructible Hulk #001
New Avengers #1
The Marvel Project #1
Rocket Racoon #001
Secret Invasion
Secret Wars #1
Savage Wolverine #6
Savage Wolverine #14
Star Wars Darth Vader #001
Star Wars Shattered Empire #001
Star Wars Lando #001
Star Wars Princess Leia #001
Spider-Gwen #1 Blue logo
Amazing Spiderman #1
Superior Spiderman 027 Goblin Nations #1
Thors #001
The Mighty Thor #1
Thor God of Thunder #001
All New Wolverine #1
Wolverine & the X-men #1
The Ultimates #1
Uncanny X-Men #001
Extraordinary X-men #1
X-Men ’92 #001
Vampirella #1
Kiss #1
Walking Dead #115
Danger Girl – Renegade
GI Joe – Cobra World Order
Assasins Creed #1
My Little Pony #1
Doctor Who #01
Six Million Dollar Man #1
James Bond 007 – #1
…….. Whew!
Anyway. So Neal can draw on these… or paper. Paper works too. Below the terms we use for what you can ask for as far as how much of a figure… Understand, the more figure, the higher the price.
Same terms for images on a sheet of paper.
Next, I am going to find out what prints and book Neal travels with to shows that I can offer with Signatures or Remarques.
More to come. Let the show begin

SLCC – WW Richmond

Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle

Fell a little behind in updates. But I have some new images.

Wizard World Richmond was a big surprise. Though the Numbers were small, business was very good.

Neal is in Cincinnati this weekend, then off to Alamo City, then Wizard World Austin. Pre-rder now.

See you there!



SDCC and Wizard World San Antonio

San Diego Comic Con International LogoThe madness that is San Diego Comic Con International is finally over for 2014. It was another tremendous show and things were jumping at he Neal Adams booth. The show started off with a visit from director/producer Guillermo Del Toro who I over heard say while snapping a pic with Neal “He’s my hero.” Neal gets a lot of visitors during SDCC who stop by to ten Neal of his influence over their careers. Guillermo though was a personal “wow” moment for me to see with Neal.. It was a few years ago Neal met Guillermo at SDCC during breakfast. Neal saw him at a table across the way and went over to introduce himself. Neal offers a hand in greeting but Guillermo gently pushed his hand away and held his arms out hugged Neal. Another great little moment between the two.. Maybe one day they will collaborate on something.. something like maybe.. Deadman?

Neal Adams and Guillermo del Toro at San Diego Comic Con 2014

Neal Adams and Guillermo del Toro at San Diego Comic Con 2014

Unfortunately, working a table at SDCC can take a lot of your attention and my goal of getting images of all the commissions Neal did at the show failed.. I did get a few, but some good ones got passed me. Like a Vampi sketch cover I saw part way through. Missed the finish. But I got these.

Wizard World LogoWizard World San Antonio came right on our weary heels from SDCC. It was a surprisingly good show for a first time Wizard World in San Antonio. I think what worked in it’s favor was the success of the Alamo Comic Con in the same area. I only got two images at the show due to being an artists alley table on my own and not able to keep an eye on what was happening at Neal’s booth. Gotta get Neal to take pics for me.. LOL

Next up, Boston Comic Con, Connecticut Comicconn, and Wizard World Chicago. Get on the commission list.

Florida Supercon Update

Florida Super Con MascotTurns out my buddy Buzz who had been manning Neal’s booth at Florida Supercon got some pics of a few of the commissions Neal did at the show. I will have to add to the commissions page that an option at shows, like on books, Neal can draw a quickie bust on any one of the many prints he offers at show.

As with all commissions, a sketch on a print can be also ordered from the website if you are not going to be at a show Neal is attending near you.

Pre-order a sketch from Neal before San Diego Comic Con and don’t miss getting on his commission list

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